Construction Insurance

Whether you’re an owner builder, a contractor or a large construction company, you’ll need a range of insurance covers to safeguard your workers, building and equipment.

Construction projects involve multiple stakeholders and are often undertaken on challenging sites. Construction businesses must often manage changes to scope or orders, poorly written contracts and specifications and complex project management issues. They may need to deal with labour and materials shortages, or theft of tools and materials.

Subcontractors and suppliers can provide extra stress for construction firms, as can the rising number of extreme weather events.  What’s more, cyber crime is an emerging threat to construction businesses, which often use insecure connections from mobile workplaces, and share files and data with stakeholders outside the business.

AIIRS can arrange cover including: 

  • Contract Works

  • Public & Products Liability

  • Professional indemnity 

  • Workers Compensation

  • Home Owners Warranty

  • Personal Accident and Injury/Sickness

  • Motor Vehicle 

  • Tools of Trade